Httpstat - check website performance

August 2017

Originally httpstat was is a python script, that visualizes curl statistics in a beauty way.

Source code:

At present, last commit was made over half year ago. It’s time to look for some replacement.

Dave Cheney’s httpstat has been written using Go and source code is available on GitHub:


That’s easy if you already have go environment ready (emerge go or similar should do the job):

# go get -u

Binary should be ready at your command at $GOPATH/src/


Straightforward. httpstat [options] url.


Useful options are:
-H value - add header value
-X method - chose HTTP method (default is GET, obviously)
-k - do not care about SSL insecure connections (setting up Let’s Encrypt was to complicated)

Proxy settings are done via HTTP(S)_PROXY, NO_PROXY environment variables.

Happy using!